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Chord KB48S Keyboard Bag 88-Key Slim

Chord KB48S Keyboard Bag 88-Key Slim

By: Chord


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Product Description

Chord Keybags are the UK's most popular brand of keyboard bag. The range covers virtually all makes and models of popular keyboards; from mini keys to 88 note portable digital pianos. Each bag is made from strong nylon, combined with double stitched and over-locked seams; providing maximum protection to keyboards.


  • NORD Nord Stage 2 HA88, Nord Stage Classic 88
  • ROLAND A80, F30/30E/50/90/100, FP2/3/5, RD100/150/170
  • TECHNICS P30/50, SP30
  • YAMAHA P60/60S/70/70S/80/90/120/120S/140/140S
  • CASIO PL40R, PS20, PX100/110LB/110DK/300/300L/310/500L/700
  • FATAH SL990, STUDIO 900, STU2001, STU90+, STUDIO LOGIC 880
  • KAWAI CL20, ES4, SLB110, ES1/3, L1, MP4
  • KORG i2, X2, TRINITY PRO, TRINITY V3 PRO, N264, SP100/200/300/500, PA1X PRO, TRITON EXTREME 76