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Zoom A3 Acoustic Multi-FX

Zoom A3 Acoustic Multi-FX

By: Zoom


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Product Description

No matter what acoustic guitar you have, most pickups make acoustic guitars sound flat when playing through a PA. Now, you can remodel the sound of your instrument with the Zoom A3.

The use of an acoustic pickup system is one of the most popular options for amplifying acoustic guitars on stage. Though pickup systems avoid the need for microphones and are resistant to feedback, they are unable to capture the true sound of an acoustic guitar. Instead, every guitar takes on a flat, electric-acoustic tone and they all sound similar in live performance.

Designed specifically for acoustic guitars, Zoom's A3 is a powerful pre-amp and effects processor that allows guitarists to remodel the authentic tone characteristics of their acoustic instruments on stage while continuing to use pickup systems for amplification.

16 Body Types and 28 models

The A3 allows you to choose from 16 guitar body types to re-create the signatures sounds of differing body shapes. From the Dreadnought body setting, which generates a large tone full of rich low frequencies, to the Orchestra body setting, featuring an outstanding response and tonal balance, the A3 has the ability to remodel the sonic qualities of a wide range of unique body types.

The A3 also has the ability to recreate the distinct sound components of 28 of the world’s most famous acoustic guitars. The A3 even accounts for the subtlest of differences between these models. The pedal accurately recreates the tone differences between guitars with the same body shape, but different bracing or wood from which they are made (spruce, mahogany, rosewood, etc.).


  • High quality acoustic pre-amp for both pickups and mics
  • 40 effects for acoustic guitar with a focus on spatial effects including chorus, delay and reverb.
  • Anti-Feedback function with minimal effect on tone quality
  • 12dB sound boost
  • Compact sized pedal that fits in your guitar case
  • Easy to use controls
  • On board auto-chromatic tuner
  • Tap Tempo for delay and modulation effects
  • Ability to program the order of your patches
  • Balanced XLR output for DI use
  • Dedicated jack for pickup input
  • Stereo Output and headphone jacks
  • Super low noise design
  • Up to 8 hours of operation on batteries (4 x AA)
  • Update to latest version via USB