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CKK Destruction Drive Pedal

CKK Destruction Drive Pedal

By: Sinvertek


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Product Description

The main purpose of developing Destruction Drive is to create the heavy and exaggerated distortion tone. In order to meet the widest need of music, especially for extreme music, the Destruction Drive equipped the huge distortion and a 3-Band Active EQ with wide range of adjustment, users could easily get the desired tone.

The EQ of Destruction Drive consists of three parts, Frequency Selection Network circuit, 3-Band Active EQ circuit and Frequency-Gain Boost circuit. All above are the keys and guarantee to get the heavy distortion tone. As soon as the guitar signal going throught the Frequency Selection Network circuit, it was portrayed as the signal with heavy music tendencies. then, when this signal entering the 3-Band Active EQ circuit, users could adjust the shaped tone according to their own thought. During the process of adjustment, users could boost or decay the frequency by using the Frequency - Gain Boost circuit. What is also worth mentioning is that the Destruction Drive divided the mid frequency into three ranges according to different metal style and by using MID SWITCH to set the position of the MID frequency. In this case, users could get more kinds of metal sound.

Destruction Drive is the best choice for the customers who has extreme pursuit of heavy, metal tone, and especially for the requirment of DGCFAD, or seven strings and eight strings.