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MXR M69 Prime Distortion Pedal

MXR M69 Prime Distortion Pedal



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MXR Prime Distortion

Product Description

Introducing the Jim Dunlop MXR Prime Distortion pedal, a 100% analog distortion pedal with hard-hitting amp like distortion in a compact, little box; a perfect addition to any guitarists toolkit.

The MXR Prime Distortion pedal produces a range of raw, powerful distortion tones with incredible response times, much like the kind you may find on a quality tube amp. Being 100% analog, the pedal is designed with low noise op amps, allowing you to increase the gain without any unwanted noise added to your signal. The pedal features output, tone, and distortion controls, giving you more freedom to tweak your sound to perfection.

Like all MXR pedals, the Prime Distortion wears a heavy-duty outer shell with road-worthy jacks and switches for extreme durability.