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Sinvertek Distortion No. 5 Pedal

Sinvertek Distortion No. 5 Pedal

By: Sinvertek


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Product Description

As early as 2010, we started the development plans of the Distortion No.5. The Original idea comes from whether the tone of the distortion pedal can copy the tone of tube amp. We really love the distortion tone of tube amps, from dynamic to frequency response to picking attack, it is all perfect and fascinating. Some classic tone of many famous masters are all based on the distortion tone of tube amps. Then, we have experienced for more than 5 years of research and development. In the beginning, we did not have any specific ideas and have been troubled about the problem of frequency response, the progress was very slow. The early experiment were brought to the performance stage on trial, under the huge sound pressure, the performance of No.5 was far worse than the tube amps. So, we did comparison tests between No.5 and almost all well-known brands of tube amp, and over the next years, after tens of thousands of modification, the design of No.5 was finalized.

The new design makes the No.5 infinitely close to the tube amp in frequency response, details of dynamic and playing sensitivity, that is, it make the No.5 more like the tube amp. Just choose a right clean channel, the No.5 can make you bring the tone you like to anywhere. Finally, we released the Distortion No.5 in the 2015 winter NAMM Show, and during the next time, the No.5 get so many good reviews from all over the world. Some famous reviewers and organization reviewed the No.5 in detail.