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Cort AF510 OP Concert Guitar w/Gig Bag

Cort AF510 OP Concert Guitar w/Gig Bag

By: Cort

AF510 OP

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Warranty Set Up Included

Warranty Set Up Included

Product Description

Cort’s oldest acoustic series, the Standard Series defines superb performance and value for the money. The Standard Series guitars are affordable but offer good solid performance for beginners and hobbyists alike in a variety of models with different types of features for any playing situation.

The Concert body size is smaller and produces a more focused and balanced sound than the Dreadnaught with less emphasis on the bass and a strong midrange with clearer and sweeter highs. This sonic balance of the Concert body makes it ideal for fingerpicking as well as solo single-note playing.

Spruce provides an ideal balance between strength and flexibility, hence its overwhelming popularity as the wood of choice for tops of acoustic guitars. Spruce’s versatile sonic character makes it ideal for a variety of musical genres and playing styles.

Bright yet natural with a strong and warm midrange, the beloved mahogany wood has been a standard for back and sides on premium acoustics for many decades.

Strongly joined with meticulous workmanship by experienced craftsmen, the dovetail joint transfers the body’s vibration and resonance to the neck with no loss of energy and with plenty of detail.


  • CONSTRUCTION: Dovetail Neck Joint
  • BODY: Folk Body
  • NUT WIDTH: 43mm
  • TOP: Spruce Top
  • BACK & SIDES: Mahogany Back and Sides
  • NECK: Mahogany Neck
  • FRETBOARD: Rosewood or Merbau
  • FRETS: 20 Frets
  • INLAY: Dot Inlay
  • BRIDGE: Rosewood or Merbau Bridge
  • BRACING: Advanced X-Bracing
  • ADDITIONAL: Gig-bag Included
Warranty Set Up Included

Warranty Set Up Included