Thank you for your continued support!

Since importing the first batch of Optima Strings in 2005, A Strings has had the privilege of dealing with customers from all around the world. A startling amount of you have remained loyal returning customers, shopping with us online when we were situated in Cardiff Bay, and following us to our guitar showroom in Treforest in 2013, which is why I am thrilled to welcome you to the new A Strings website. I hope you will agree it is a major step up from all previous incarnations.

We’ve updated everything. Literally everything.

So it’s going to feel a little different to navigate around to begin with, but we’re confident that once you’ve spent some time having a nose around it will start to feel familiar again. We have many more items on the new site, including a larger range of instruments and pedals, and even more guitar strings than ever before! The stock levels are synced with our stock in our Treforest store, so you can check current stock levels and even click and collect.

You will need to re-register

Making the enhancements and changes that we felt were necessary to move the site forward, we are using a completely new platform and so we will need you to re-register with us. It’s a straight forward process and will take no more than a couple of minutes – click here to get going. This also means that your wish lists will need refilling!

I have kept in contact with many of you directly, and I would be very keen to hear your thoughts on the new website, and of course any suggestions you may have to improve it.

It goes without saying that I’m forever grateful to you all for staying with A Strings over the past decade. I hope that you continue to enjoy dealing with us and that we can exceed your expectations from here on in.

Andrew Morgan