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GHS Nickel Rockers Eric Johnson Electric Guitar String Set

GHS Nickel Rockers Eric Johnson Electric Guitar String Set


GHS Johnson


Product Description

GHS Nickel Rockers have faithfully serviced the music industry since 1964, providing the pure nickel sound that defined rock and roll bands of the era and satisfying blues and jazz players with smooth warm tones. GHS' unique rollerwinding process slightly flattens the strings, giving Nickel Rockers a comfortably smooth feel and a slightly higher tension.

"I've enjoyed using GHS Nickel Rockers for many years. The precise intonation, feel, and tone are what I have come to rely on. This is the particular gauge set that I use for electric guitar because of its balance between string tension and sound. GHS Nickel Rockers have always been my favorite strings." - Eric Johnson

Eric uses these two sets depending on his preference of string tension for different guitars or a specific tone in the studio. For the most part the medium weight set would be for shorter scale guitars and the light set would be the usual set for his longer scale guitars.