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Bare Knuckle Country Boy Tele Single Coil Pickup Set

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Country Boy is a pure, refined vintage output Tele® coil with solid mid-range and exceptional pick dynamics.

Bass response with the Country Boy is very controlled with great definition, and the highs really sing. The Country Boy Telecaster® coils were designed to combine the best elements of the earliest Alnico III coils with the slightly lighter and more dynamic wind of the later '50s.

Using a flat profile set of Alnico III magnets, copper plated steel baseplate and original deep drawn chrome plated brass neck cover, the scatter-wound coils produce an unadulterated, pristine Tele® twang with a lovely chime in the highs and no harsh overtones. Perfect for both flat pickers and finger-style players, the Country Boys are also capable of driving an overdriven amp for a sizzling crunch tone and biting single note work. These are cloth 'push back' hook-up as standard and thoroughly wax potted to prevent microphonics.