Bare Knuckle Strat The Sultans Single Coil Pickup Set - A Strings

Bare Knuckle Strat The Sultans Single Coil Pickup Set

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  • Pickup Set, RW/RP Polarity
  • Parchment White

All Bare Knuckle pickups are made to order. We keep some in stock, but if you were after any variation not listed, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

A crisp and percussive vintage output set of single coils with warm bottom end and sweet, articulate highs.

The Sultans have a smooth, unadulterated tone with excellent pick attack. A combination of hand-bevelled Alnico II magnets and scatter-wound coils of 42AWG plain enamel wire produce a softer, more gentle response in the bass and treble with extremely natural sustain and vintage output. Clean tones have a lovely hollow cluck in the mid range which turns into a singing driven tone when gain is applied. As with the Apache, the bridge coil of The Sultans is wound a little hotter for more improved balance with the mid and neck coils maintaining an open voice with good harmonic overtones and presence.


  • Finger-style, Country, Surf, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Indie, Pop & Classic Rock.
  • Particularly well suited to maple board Strats with light ash bodies but equally at home in alder with rosewood boards.