Mackie Studio Bundle

Mackie Studio Bundle


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This brand new bundle from Mackie is the perfect home studio set up; including CR3-X 3” Multimedia Monitors, Big Knob Studio Monitor Controller, MC-100 Professional Headphones, EM-91C Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone, EM-89D Dynamic Vocal Microphone, and two ¼” TS Cables.

The Big Knob Studio is versatile and reliable; an audio interface, monitor controller, headphone amp, talkback, with many outputs and inputs for easy expansion of your gear arsenal. The EM-91C Condenser mic is perfect for capturing detailed vocal, while the EM-89D is versatile to capture the loudest sources needed to full scope recordings. To top it off: both the MC-100 headphones for detailed listening with noise isolation and the CR3-X monitors with studio-quality sound give you the most ideal referential playback options.

• Big Knob Studio
• CR-3X Monitors
• EM-89D Dynamic Microphone
• EM-91C Condenser Microphone
• MC-100 Headphones
• Pro Tools | First (w/ 23 Plugins)
• Waveform OEM (w/ 16 Plugins)