Samson S-MAX MD1 Mono Passive DI Box
Samson S-MAX MD1 Mono Passive DI Box
Samson S-MAX MD1 Mono Passive DI Box

Samson S-MAX MD1 Mono Passive DI Box


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Samsons MD1 Mono Passive Direct Box combines premium sound circuitry with durable, roadworthy construction, providing high-quality signal connection solutions for a variety of live sound and recording applications. The MD1 allows clean, balanced lines to be sent from an unbalanced line or instrument signal to a microphone level balanced input.

Custom STL Transformer

The MD1 features Samsons STL transformer that delivers an extended, flat frequency response with ultra-low distortion. The MD1s balanced output provides a clean signal that is less susceptible to noise than an unbalanced line, allowing for longer cable runs.

Thru Jack

The MD1s Thru jack enables you to tap off the signal from the input and pass the signal to an amplifier or monitor without affecting the original audio. This can eliminate the need for miking guitar amplifiers, which depending on your application may be preferable, especially as more musicians are using in-ear monitors.

Roadworthy Construction

Housed in a 14-gauge steel chassis, the MD1 is built to withstand the abuse of the most demanding live tours. Its rigid outer shell protects all the MD1s internal connections, switches and solder joints from failure, ensuring quiet, reliable performance.