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Justinguitar.com Vintage Songbook

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The Justinguitar.com Vintage Songbook contains 50 of the greatest classic rock and pop songs, along with tutorials and tips, all expertly arranged by Justin Sandercoe . The book is a mixed folio publication, containing songs coupled with performance hints and tips. This book is absolutely ideal for the Guitar player who has already worked through the basics of playing. This book will enable you to progress beyond the beginner stage, putting the things you have learned into practice with a number of great songs to improve your confidence and mastery of the techniques. The book is expertly laid out, opening with a beginner section of simpler songs, going on to an intermediate section and finally a slightly more challenging section of five full TAB transcriptions. The Independent newspaper has called Justin Sandercoe one of the most influential guitar teachers in history based on his website Justinguitar.com, and now you can enjoy his informative and easygoing style with our series of his Songbooks . Throughout this Vintage Songbook, Sandercoe's expertise shines through, giving practical advice on performance and rhythm, as well as detailed information on each individual song. There really is no better way to learn some of the greatest songs of all time than with this songbook. A full list of songs included is available below, but records like the rocking All Day And All Of The Night by The Kinks, I Shot The Sheriff by legend Bob Marley and the immortal Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry are featured. The London based guitarist, songwriter, performer, producer and educator, Justin Sandercoe, originates from the island of Tasmania. Justin has taught thousands of students through his online platform, as well as ‘in the flesh’, privately and at the ICMP, including Katie Melua and Cathy Dennis. Not only has Sandercoe taught thousands of people the Guitar, he is also in the band We Came As Strangers . Listen to The Wrong Place To Start, from their debut 2013 album, Recipe For Adventure, here:

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