Dave Hunter: The Electric Guitar Sourcebook - How To Find The Sounds You Like

Dave Hunter: The Electric Guitar Sourcebook - How To Find The Sounds You Like

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Why does an electric archtop sound so different from a solidbody guitar when they have the same strings and pickups? Why does Eric Clapton use a vibrato Stratocaster with the vibrato arm removed and the mechanism blocked off with a piece of wood? Why does a strings-though-body guitar sound brighter than an instrument with the strings anchored at the bridge? The sound of an electric guitar is the sum of many parts. Every component, from the wood in the neck to the metal in the tuners and everything in between – including the amount of air in the body – affects the overall tone of an instrument. In this book, Dave Hunter looks at the development of the electric guitar since the earliest instruments in the late 1930s, and how, since then, guitar makers and players have sought to define and refine all the elements that create a guitar's tone.


  • chapter-by-chapter breakdown of the main body types, their characteristics, and their strengths and weaknesses
  • in-depth specifications of over 70 guitars
  • interviews with significant people in the guitar-making world
  • accompanying CD with examples of many of the guitar sounds described in the book.

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