D'Addario O-Port Sound Enhancement for Acoustic Guitar, Large, White

D'Addario O-Port Sound Enhancement for Acoustic Guitar, Large, White

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This D'Addario O-Port is proven to enhance the sound of any acoustic guitar and kill feedback without the use of electronics. Its has been tested under the scrutiny of world-renowned acoustic engineers and sound producers to improve tonal quality. The result is a fuller, richer sound with noticeably increased sustain and harmonic range. The tonal enhancement provided by the D'Addario O-Port is particularly pronounced when the acoustic guitar is plugged in and amplified, resulting in a much fuller sound, a stronger signal to the internal pickup, and significant feedback control. The D'Addario O-Port fits in most acoustic guitars with a round soundhole, regardless of make or model. The D'Addario O-Ports material is custom blended for flexibility to prevent damage to your guitar finish and inlays. The O-Port suppresses feedback and gives your acoustic or acoustic-electric guitar a fuller sound with more volume, better clarity, and enhanced projection. Just measure your acoustic guitars soundhole and choose the D'Addario O-Port that fits best.

Small: 3.375" - 3.5"

Large: 3.875" - 4"

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