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For as aspirational as it is for a player to own a Fender Custom Shop guitar or bass, it is equally significant for us as a dealer to have the opportunity to stock and sell these unique works of art and instruments of creativity.

In 2021, we made our first Fender Custom Shop order, choosing pieces that not only did we think our customers would love, but guitars and basses that got us excited too. Since then we have gone from strength to strength, to become Wales’ premier Fender Custom Shop dealer, choosing the ultimate Stratocasters, Telecasters, Jazzmasters as well as Jazz & Precision basses.

Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster 

We choose every instrument that comes into us with a player’s eye and the instinctive desire we know our customers will share. Every instrument goes under the highest level of scrutiny through our service department and is cared for post-sale for two years with our 5* rated aftercare service.

You will no doubt dedicate time in research and consideration before becoming a custodian of such an instrument, and to help you on your journey we offer in-person and online appointments where one of our team can give you specific information, provide further images and tonal examples of the instruments, allowing you to make an informed decision with no pressure from us.

So if you wanted to discuss any of our incredible Fender Custom Shop guitars and basses, simply get in touch via our web chat, our email, or call us on 01443 403210.

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