Service Packages

We’d like to see your guitar within a year of selling it; guitars are living objects and sometimes wood will move in a way that may compromise its playability. Most of the time, a little TLC in our workshop from one of our loving techs can remedy the situation. Sometimes though, things can happen naturally which no amount of tweaking will fix and this is where your manufacturers' warranty will come in to play. Bring your guitar to us, we’ll get in touch with the manufacturer and providing the fault has occurred naturally (not due to damage/neglect - we can tell!) we’ll make sure the problem is rectified.

All A Strings Service Packages come with an exclusive A Strings Service Log Book. Much like a log book for a vehicle, this will keep a record of all the work we've conducted on your instrument. We feel this is something that will certainly help you maintain a strong resale value for your instrument.


All of our guitars come with the Classic A Strings Service Package as standard, but make no mistake there’s nothing standard about our setups.

The Classic package includes

  • 1 x full setup within the 6 months
  • Action too high or low? We’ll make adjustments to your instrument to get it playing the way you want it as many times as you need within the first 6 months of purchase. 
  • 2 x restrings within the first year*
  • In store support - Unsure how to tune up your new Floyd Rose equipped Jackson, or unsure as to how the hell anyone can restring a Bigsby guitar with only 2 arms? Ask us, we’ll help you. Bring us some biscuits and we’ll do it with you.



The Player Service Package is for the musician that is getting the very most out of their instrument at home, in the studio or live. Reliability is a must and we will make sure your guitar doesn’t let you down. We include this package automatically with every guitar over £750 unless otherwise discussed with you at the time of sale. If you'd like to upgrade to Player from the Classic Service Package, you can do so for only £50 online or in store.

The Player Service Package includes:

  • 2 x full setups within the first year (6 & 12 months), we’ll provide the strings for your first service
  • 2 x restrings within the first year*.
  • Decided to go up a gauge because your singer is struggling to sing the songs in standard key? We’ll set up your instrument to your specification with your new gauge. Dumped your singer and found one who can sing the songs in the original keys? You’re the boss, we’ll set it back up to original spec. We’ll adjust your instrument as many times as you need us to within the first 12 months of buying from us.
  • Fret health check - we’ll check your frets towards the end of the 12 month period, if they’re showing signs of wear, we’ll book it in for a fret-dress and crowning to make sure your baby is in the very best shape moving forward.



For the discerning player, the Pro Service Package is for the musician who hasn’t just bought a guitar, they’ve brought a new member into their family. Your guitar means everything to you. You love it, you rely on it, you want it to have the best. We include this package automatically with every guitar over £2000 unless otherwise discussed with you at the time of sale. If you'd like to upgrade to Pro from the Player Service Package, you can do so for only £50, or £85 from the Classic Package. This can be done easily online or in store.

The Pro Service package includes

  • 4 x full setups over the course of 2 years, with 2 x sets of strings of your choice provided by us
  • Unlimited restrings over the duration of the 2 year period*
  • Unlimited adjustments - neck moved because you’ve put the heating on? Bring it in. Changed gauge and the bridge has raised? Bring it in. 
  • Fret health check and recondition
  • Free installation on any upgrades. Fancy a change of look and you want to change your scratch plate? Hankering after a set of Bare Knuckle pickups? Bring it in, we'll do it.**
  • First refusal and free admission to any A Strings event.
  • A Strings T Shirt


*Strings must be purchased from us. You can use the strings we would provide in the setup, but strings would be chargeable at time of setup.

**Parts must be purchased from A Strings.