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Chord KC8 Keycover 88-Key Slim

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A range of keyboard covers with a unique design suitable for narrow or wide keyboards. The high quality vinyl material offers waterproof and anti-static protection to the micro-electronic circuits.


  • CASIO: AP21/24/33/38/45/80R, CPS80S/85, PL40R, PS20,PX100/110LB/110DK /300/300L/310/400R/500L/700, PRIVIA PX120/320, CDP100/200R
  • ROLAND: A80, EP9E/85/97, FP1/2/3/4/5/8/9, F30/30e/50/90/100, G70, KR350/650, KF7/90, MP500BW, RD100/150/170/600, VR760, E80, FANTOM G7, EP880, FP-50
  • TECHNICS: PC8/12/25/26, PX201M, P30/50, SP30
  • YAMAHA: CLP80/153S, DGX500/505, PFP100, PF85, P60/60S/70/70S/80/90/120/120S/140/1 40S/150/200/250/300, PDP400, MO8, S80/90, SO8, W5, YDP113/123/223, YPP200, P-255, P-35, P-155, P-105, CP4 STAGE, CP40 STAGE, CP1, CP5, CP50
  • FATAH: SL990, STUDIO 900, STU2001, STU90+, STUDIO LOGIC 880
  • KAWAI: CL20, CN270, ES5, ES4, SLB110, ES1/3, L1, MP4, MP 11, MP 10, MP7, MP6, VPC1
  • KORG: C3200/6500, EC120/150/350, SGPROX, SG1D, SP250, N1, TRITON STUDIO 76, I2, X2, TRINITYPRO, TRINITYV3PRO, N264, SP100/200/300/500, PA1XPRO, TRITONEXTREME76, SV-1-88 BLACK, SP-280
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