Chord KB48S Keyboard Bag 88-Key Slim

Chord KB48S Keyboard Bag 88-Key Slim

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Chord Keybags are the UKs most popular brand of keyboard bag. The range covers virtually all makes and models of popular keyboards; from mini keys to 88 note portable digital pianos. Each bag is made from strong nylon, combined with double stitched and over-locked seams; providing maximum protection to keyboards.


  • NORD Nord Stage 2 HA88, Nord Stage Classic 88
  • ROLAND A80, F30/30E/50/90/100, FP2/3/5, RD100/150/170
  • TECHNICS P30/50, SP30
  • YAMAHA P60/60S/70/70S/80/90/120/120S/140/140S
  • CASIO PL40R, PS20, PX100/110LB/110DK/300/300L/310/500L/700
  • FATAH SL990, STUDIO 900, STU2001, STU90+, STUDIO LOGIC 880
  • KAWAI CL20, ES4, SLB110, ES1/3, L1, MP4
  • KORG i2, X2, TRINITY PRO, TRINITY V3 PRO, N264, SP100/200/300/500, PA1X PRO, TRITON EXTREME 76

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Every instrument, no matter the price, gets checked over on arrival and before it goes out to you. We also provide aftercare to give you peace of mind whatever you choose. 


Absolutley amazing service! The staff here went above and beyond and made it a fantastic experience. Thank you!


Excellent service. These people take care of their customers and their instruments. Very patient and knowledgeable. Great range of instruments.



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