Bare Knuckle Brown Sugar Tele Single Coil Pickup Set - A Strings

Bare Knuckle Brown Sugar Tele Single Coil Pickup Set

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  • Nickel neck cover
A vintage hot Tele set with classic mid range grind, tight bass and characteristic bite in the high-end. Well suited to players looking for authentic Tele tones with a distinct rock voice. Voiced entirely to capture a tonal vibe rather than any specific vintage era, the Brown Sugar Tele set simply oozes rocknroll attitude. Scatter-wound with polysol wire for extra output and a more pronounced mid growl, the treble response is bright and percussive with a fast pick attack. The copper plated steel baseplate on the bridge coil keeps the bass response tight with low notes retaining depth and punch, while the neck coil has a complementary warm and woody tone. Clean tones have a bright snap to the front of each note, darker than lower output Tele coils with a fuller single note tone. The intentional rock voicing of the Brown Sugar set suits a wide range of driven tones from mild break up through to full saturation with an overdriven amp and full wax potting ensures no microphonic squealing.