Bare Knuckle P-Bass 58 Spilt Coil Pickup Set

Bare Knuckle P-Bass 58 Spilt Coil Pickup Set

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From its introduction in 1951, the Precision bass transformed the world of bass playing with its unique look, feel and tone. The Bare Knuckle P Bass range captures that ground breaking tone in both original Tele bass single coil and later humbucking split coil designs. Grey fibre board flat work, non bevelled Alnico V magnets and a lighter wind of 42AWG plain enamel wire characterise this mid 60s inspired split coil set. A brighter high-end but equally solid bottom-end make the 65 Split Coil P perfect for rosewood board P basses. Compared to the 58 Split Coil P, the mids are a little hollower with a woodier tone while the bottom-end remains full and warm. The two coils are wired in series for full hum cancelling and feature black and white cloth push back hookup.

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