Vox MV50 AC 50W NuTube Guitar Amplifer Head & Cab Set
Vox MV50 AC 50W NuTube Guitar Amplifer Head & Cab Set
Vox MV50 AC 50W NuTube Guitar Amplifer Head & Cab Set

Vox MV50 AC 50W NuTube Guitar Amplifer Head & Cab Set

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Analog pre-amp featuring the revolutionary Nutube. Monster sound, minimal size with a mini 1x8" speaker cab – the MV50 is the ultimate modern amp.

The MV50 Series from VOX represents a truly innovative approach to guitar amplification. This little monster weighs in at only one pound but boasts a tremendous 50 Watts of power and produces serious guitar tone that rivals the sound of your favourite tube amp. Equipped with Nutube, the revolutionary new vacuum tube, the all-analog preamp circuit preserves the richness and warmth of your guitars natural sound, while an innovative Class D power amp provides enough volume for any environment.


  • Only 500 grams (1.1lbs)! An ultra-compact amp head that you can easily carry in one hand
  • Monstrous sound with 50W of output power, all in an unbelievable size
  • Equipped with an analog preamp driven by Nutube, the new vacuum tube that shrinks the size of conventional tubes, but retains the tone
  • Distinct AC style amplifier sound
  • MV50s circuit design was meticulously crafted to closely resemble classic analog circuitry
  • Equipped with a Class D power amp for quiet, efficient and reliable performance
  • EQ Switch adds or cuts low-end for pairing with a variety of cabinets
  • Line/headphone out with cabinet emulation for direct recording or performance
  • Retro-chic design with a mirror-finish front and VU meter
  • An ideal match with VOXs new speaker cabinets, the BC108 and BC112

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